Pasadena Star News: Hospital food

I ran into this article in the 11/30/13 issue of the Pasadena Star News about how hospitals are supposedly serving tastier and healthier food.

The authors, Suzanne Sproul and Joe Segura, quote Kaiser Permanente food staff as including salmon, meat loaf, and pot roast in this list of new foods. Well, they may have made it tastier, but if so, it will only encourage people to eat more of it thus increasing illness and hastening death. These two Kaiser staff seem to be completely unaware of how harmful animal products are to us.

In fairness to Kaiser I have to say that a few pockets of Kaiser doctors are beginning to understand the power of a whole food plant-based diet to eliminate heart disease, Type II diabetes, and many other illnesses. In particular, a group of doctors in Kaiser Lancaster and another group in Kaiser Riverside are witnessing spectacular cures with a reduction or elimination of drugs, by coaching patients to avoid foods like salmon, meat loaf and pot roast. And these doctors are actively spreading their knowledge. But Kaiser is a huge organization, and like the medical profession in general, there are too few folks who read the research journals and understand the power of plants to cure disease.

Sadly, for now, there are a much larger number of doctors, both inside Kaiser and out, who are completely unfamiliar with nutrition science. After all, most medical schools offer no classes in nutrition. So until the wisdom of a plant-based diet is more universally understood by doctors, it is up to the patients to educate themselves, and in many cases, cure themselves. I hope this NuSci web site will help you along this path.

John Tanner, Ph.D.
CEO, Tanner Research, Inc.
Director, NuSci, The Nutrition Science Foundation
(626) 872-4050

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