The NuSci Nutrition Guidelines

By eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong ones you will:

  • Improve your health and extend your life.
  • Get to your healthy weight and stay there.
  • Not require counting calories, carbs, points, or portions.
  • Prevent and reverse heart disease.
  • Minimize cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, acne, and many other diseases.


Button - Books and VideosWe've gathered the books and movies that best relay the information you need to make healthy choices about the food you eat.

Button - Journal ArticlesIf you are ready for more detailed scientific information, check out these journal articles, grouped by disease or topic.

Button - Eating GuidelinesHere is a short list of guidelines for what foods to eat and what foods to avoid in order to maximize your health and the length of your life.

Button - RecipesBut can healthy food taste good? Absolutely! Here are some recipes to get you started.


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Featured Recipe:
Linda's Lentil Loaf







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