Cardiac Arrest and Asparagas

Zel and Reuben Allen have been offering a place for vegetarians to gather and share information since 1999. After my cardiac arrest in 2009, I began to learn about the power of a whole food plant based diet to prevent and reverse heart disease and many other illnesses. As I began to find others who understood this wisdom, it wasn't long before I started running into Zel and Reuben. In addition to attending many of the local events, Zel is often on stage, demonstrating how to easily cook delicious and healthy meals. She is also author of the cookbook Vegan for the Holidays. And together Zel and Reuben operate the web site Vegetarians in Paradise.

As the Allens learned more about my near death experience, they asked if they could share my story on their web site. I was only too delighted for them to do so. If you are receiving this email, you have probably heard at least the basics of my story, but if you would like to read it in more detail, here it is.

I asked Zel if she would be willing to share a recipe or two on our web site, and she graciously sent four delightful recipes - two main dishes, a soup, and a salad. Here they are:

Asparagus on Toast with Smoky Cauliflower Sauce

Cannellini Stuffed Potatoes

Red Lentil Sweet Potato Chowder

Country Cabbage Salad


John Tanner


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