I Know A Great Doctor

Doctors who understand the power of a whole food plant-based diet to cure our most common chronic diseases love to find patients willing to give a healthy diet a try. Likewise, patients who are willing to try a healthy diet appreciate doctors that can advise them on diet and yet have the knowledge of pills and procedures in the minority of cases that need them.

We appreciate your help in matching these doctors with patients. If you know a doctor that seems knowledgeable about a plant-based diet, please encourage them to register on our web site by filling out our Practitioner Survey here: www.nusci.org/practitioner-survey

Your encouragement can be by emailing them the above link, calling them and asking them to browse to the above link, or printing out this page and taking it with you for your next appointment. Once the doctor submits the on-line form, we will confirm that the answers to the survey align with a plant-based practice and then list them on our web site: www.nusci.org/practitioner-map

We appreciate your help in matching great doctors to great patients. Thank you.

Doctors discuss Clinton's new diet.

Clinton Now Eats Healthy  


Renee Thumbnail

Renee Cures Herself   


Eric Thumbnail

Eric Reverses His Heart Disease